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Fiji Islands where happiness find you!

Fiji Islands where happiness find you!

The Fiji Islands is populated by the happiest people on the planet. This fact was discovered by WIN-Gallup International Company in the course of a social research. "They say God gave them his smile, and some smile that is as the Fijian people welcome tourists and holiday makers to their country of 300 plus islands like long lost friends" - Steven Sanders. Words can not fully describe the beauty of the Fiji Islands and its people but here are a few videos that may help paint a picture.

Tourism Fiji has just launched a new video as part of the bureau's new strategic direction to showcase the unique diversity of the Fiji Islands.

Fiji - Where Happiness Finds You

Fiji Kava ceremony

When visiting the Fiji Islands you will find yourself taking part in many a Kava ceremony.  It is an important Fijian culture and tradition where kava (also called "grog" or "yaqona") is drunk around a bowl. Kava comes from the root of the yaqona (piper methysticum) bush, a relative of the pepper plant. The ceremonies serves as a forum to bring people together to share stories and jokes.

Legend of Dakuwaqa - The Angry Shark God

Dakuwaqa was considered the most ferocious of all the gods that guarded the ocean and reefs of Fiji.  It is told that he frequently changed into a ferocious shark and travelled around, and battling other gods.

The Myth of Tarukagi

A story about the curious fish and the Fijian man.

Gastronomic delights of the Fiji Islands

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